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In this place you will find my soul revealed, not with music not with words, but with signs and colours...



Collection of coloured works.


Collection of the sketches, the ideas and the studies, both colored and b/w, that are behind the preparation of a complete work.


Fan Art

Collection of Fan Art inspired by ScarletGothica's Illustrations (drawings, pixel art, photomanipulation, photo, et cetera...).


Collection of comic pages colored by me.


The whole archive contains 391 works.

“[…] When, in her lazy listlessness,
She sometimes sheds a furtive tear upon this globe,
A pious poet, enemy of sleep,
In the hollow of his hand catches this pale tear,
With the iridescent reflections of opal,
And hides it in his heart afar from the sun's eyes.”

(C. Baudelaire, Le Fleurs Du Mal, 1861, LXV - Tristesses De La Lune - «Sadness of the Moon»)

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