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“…lascia scritte le tue memorie, con lettere d’argento
imprimile sulla carta, lascia che siano
cicatrici di ricordi perduti…”


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Benvenuto nel libro degli ospiti di ScarletGothica. Lascia qui il tuo messaggio con commenti, critiche, complimenti, saluti o quello che più preferisci. Grazie.

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Messaggio da lily..


Data: Sabato 26 Maggio 2012 14:29 (GMT)

Hi!long time hadnt u write... Good that you work and work..artwork keeps us alive...its makes us feel lots..wish u to delevop urself more and more are u? how is going ur life besides artwork? how it feels inside?

Messaggio da Gothiquiel, Angel of Melancholy


Data: Giovedì 29 Settembre 2011 13:55 (GMT)

What stunning artwork - capturing dark and beautiful so well. I find your work an inspiration to my own writing projects. You perfectly capture the world I see in my mind whenever I listen to a beautiful piece of music such as "Summoning of the Muse" or "My Lost Lenore"...or the scene I visualise when reading something such as Le Fanu's "Carmilla". Thank you for sharing your work on this excellent website.

May the gentle fragility of this twilight world you create continue to be a beacon of light in a world of darkness and melancholia.

Messaggio da Lili


Data: Lunedì 12 Settembre 2011 16:18 (GMT)

Hi, Claudia ^ ^ Nice to see your new works . I liked ur Banshee..So emotional.. Wish u again feel inspiration , strength, luck ! Your works inspire me, especially today.I look on it and feel much harmony with my mood)

Messaggio da Lily black rose


Data: Sabato 26 Marzo 2011 09:31 (GMT)

Hi Claudia!)) Its been for a long time I haven"t written u.. Nice to see your works...different look of them ....You are really developing in the art ... ... variety of different techniques work)) nice to go to every time your site ... its draws some inspiration ..
wish you to go on to draw to do all the things you wish free in your art...=) here is one poem from me ^^ just text thinks to music I play ) You also inspires me) Called RED RED moon))
Inside the red moon
where riddows hide
where silence cries
violence is alive
taste of blood
taste of power
pain deeply cuts
so far from here
never coming back
never want hear
so memory is near
fear the lord
fear the trembling heart
whispered in my mind
dancing through
the holes of red moon
my madness
bloody moon
keep the secret in myself
maybe not I
just the demon inside
plays the shadow of my wheeping soul
cut your life..
stop breathing..
I wanna fly..
someone freezes
a dream of a butterfly
red moon
o..bloody moon
keep this secret for a while...
behind the

Messaggio da Tance


Sito Web:

Data: Venerdì 11 Marzo 2011 22:26 (GMT)

Hi loved your work I have recently started to teach myself, not too bad, but you are awesome loved your work and have downloaded some so I can work from, you have great talent, and your work is interesting, I wish that one day I can draw and illustrate as beautifully as you have here on your site, great work! ,

Messaggio da Luna Vea


Data: Lunedì 28 Febbraio 2011 22:04 (GMT)

ciao Scarlet!
ho appena scoperto il tuo sito e i tuoi lavori!
ti faccio i miei complimenti perch? sono davvero molto belli!
mi piacciono le tematiche che tratti nei tuoi disegni..
sono stupendi!
ancora complimenti!

Messaggio da Simona


Data: Mercoledì 29 Dicembre 2010 23:59 (GMT)

Non so come spiegarmi... il tuo dono, la tua capacit? di rappresentare questo mondo fantastico... sei riuscita a stupirmi, ad emozionarmi davvero... Sei davvero una grande artista... io vorrei imparare ad arrivare al tuo livello, perci? se ti va di aiutarmi, scrivimi... comunque sia ti faccio i miei complimenti.

Messaggio da Nicola La Serra


Data: Venerdì 24 Dicembre 2010 09:52 (GMT)

Sulla scia dei ricordi mi risveglio e lucente, come Venere al mattino, rivedo la tua immagine gioiosa. AUGURI DI BUONE FESTE !!!

Messaggio da Charles


Data: Martedì 7 Dicembre 2010 16:31 (GMT)

On one of my wanderings, I discovered your wonderful web page. I wish to thank you for the lovey visit and the help in locating some very nice music. Listening to Dark Sanctuary as I wander down the halls to peek into each and every room, of your web page, each holding yet more visual treasures. I like you enjoy music and it also helps the creativity flow. I at a later time in my life have allowed myself the pleasure of scratching some pitiful things on paper. But am enjoying it, and hope to improve. I truly appreciate your "self-taught" work. I wish for you all the best and continued success. Dark Blessings

Messaggio da elisa


Data: Domenica 28 Novembre 2010 07:19 (GMT)

ave claudia!
passo a fare un salutino moooolto mattiniero ed insonne.... cos?....! :D

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